SONY ICF-SW7600GR Shortwave Radio Review

SONY ICF-SW7600GR Review

There is always time to use a classic portable radio. If you’re spending time outdoors or in the wilderness, they can alert you on certain natural disasters that are nearby. A shortwave radio helps you stay in tune with the news even if no reliable cellular signal is present.

While you can find FM waves within 50-100 miles away, you can easily get AM waves that are about 100-400 miles away from your current location. This means that if you’re outdoors, camping, or hunting, you’ll be able to hear detailed weather reports about what’s going on in your area.

SONY ICF-SW7600GR Shortwave Radio

When you’re out with a small group or by yourself, a radio that can find both FM and AM signals is a useful tool to have in your possession. If you’re in an area where the view is obstructed, your radio should be able to pick up signals at least 300 miles away. Even if you’re stuck inside a forest, you should be able to find a small signal.

That’s why we’re here to review the SONY ICF-SW7600GR. It has a great battery life, strong frequency selectivity, and can memorize up to 100 frequencies. We’ll dive into this device in the review and help you get the most out of it.

That’s being said, let's start the review!

About The Product

The first thing users tend to ask when buying a shortwave receiver is “Will this device perform well?” Fortunately, the Sony ICF-SW7600GR delivers high-quality performance and can be used anywhere in the world.

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    Memory Scan/Auto Tuning
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    Dual Clock/ World Time Clock
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    100 Memory Presets
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    Battery Life: 47 Hours
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    Display: LCD

AM/FM Detection

It easily detects AM and FM frequencies with the push of a button. Additionally, it can find long wave bands, shortwave bands, and medium wave frequencies. This means that if you take the radio with you on any part of the world, you’ll always find a signal to use and tune into.

Also, it has built-in antennas which are also used to find radio signals. And it has a ferrite bar antenna for users trying to pick up longwave and AM signals. Thus, making this a great choice for those wanting to get a wide range of signals for their listening pleasure.

Use the telescoping antenna if you want to receive shortwave and FM frequencies. If you want to hear the latest weather report or need emergency information, the Sony ICF-SW7600R is worth your investment.

Sound Quality

How is the Sony ICF-SW7600R’s sound quality? The device is half speaker, meaning that it can audibly play both music and the show host’s voice without any issues. It even includes a 3.5m jack for you to plug your headphones inside of the radio. Thus, almost any pair of headphones is compatible (as long as they’re not BlueTooth) with the receiver.

SONY ICF-SW7600GR Shortwave Radio On Table

We also like this shortwave receiver because of its expansive frequency detection. For instance, it can pick up FM frequencies within the 87.6-107 MHz range. And they can pick up frequencies such as long wave, AM, short wave, and medium wave within 199 - 20,000 kHz. This means that it can pick up a wide range of frequencies regardless of your location.

This radio is durable and is built to last. But you have to be careful when handling with the device. For instance, it's not waterproof, making it very vulnerable to the rain. To solve this issue, place wrap plastic bags around it to use it during mild weather conditions.

Where Can I Buy It?

Mainly, the Sony ICF-SW7600 is one of the most versatile shortwave radio receivers in the market. It has a 10 key direct access tuning feature that allows you to reach your stations quickly. You can find it on Amazon at a price around $200.

Buying Advice

Still confused on what to buy? Keep reading this section to get a detailed insights on what specs you need to look for.


Most radio broadcasters tend to use AM stations for their shows. FM is used for 87-106 MHz. SSB (single side band) is another station that they use because of its low bandwidth. To get SSB signals, get a receiver that has a BFO (Beat Frequency Oscillator).

While the sound quality of the SSB signal isn’t as good as AM stations, but it requires less power to get a reception since SSB is in its transmission mode. Another uncommon radio station you’ll hear is CW stations which are used by naval stations to send morse code messages.

When buying your radio receiver, make sure you know what modes you want. Cheaper models may only have AM and FM stations. But if you want the full shortwave radio listening experience then invest in one that allows you to tune into SW, LW, MW, and CW stations.

Frequency Displays

There are two types of frequencies available: analog and digital. Cheaper receivers have analog displays. They tend to have smaller receivers which means that the stations are placed into one small section of the dial.

SONY ICF-SW7600GR Shortwave Radio


This can make it harder for users to separate the stations and hard to find the exact frequency that your station is on. Larger devices have a longer scale, which makes it easier to tune and identify the right frequency.

We suggest that you get a radio that has a digital frequency display. Here are the multiple advantages digital displays have over their analog counterparts:

  • Digital displays have more accuracy than analog ones
  • The exact frequency is shown on the scree
  • Extra information can be displayed such as the time, and the current weather
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    They are more reliable (they have drive cords and mechanical parts that are hard to replace)

Final Verdict

You can’t go wrong with the Sony ICF-SW7600GR. It has a sharp LCD display which helps users directly read the correct frequency and tune into the right station. Buy this product today if you want to have an accurate reception and the ability to hear multiple stations with ease.

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Sony is known for providing high-quality radios for users internationally. Learn why the SONY ICF-SW7600GR is one of their best products and why you should obtain one today. 

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